Zoning Decisions 2013

Here's a list of this year's interesting zoning decisions:

Kruger v State of Tennessee, Tenn App Feb 28, 2013

Waste Connections v Metro Nashville, Tenn App March 27, 2013

Koontz v St. Johns River Water Management District, 133 S Ct 2586 (US 2013)
Nollan & Dolan apply to monetary exactions and in cases where the administrative body denies the application because the developer is unwilling to accept an unconstitutional condition

Drees v Brentwood Planning Commission, Williamson County Chancery Court, October 2013 (Application of Nollan/Dolan/Koontz in Tennessee)

Phillips v Montgomery County, Tenn. App. June 2013 (potential application of Nollan/Dolan/Koontz) perm app granted Oct 2013

Blevins v City of Belle Meade, Tenn. App. Nov 2013

Citizens for Safety v City of Clinton, Tenn. App. October 11, 2013 (zoning change)

Shore v Maple Lane Farms, Tennessee Supreme Court August 2013 (agricultural use)

Brown v Metro Nashville, Tenn. App. June 2013 (SP zoning invalidated)

Issa v Benson, Tenn. App. June 24, 2013 (legislative immunity)

Caffey v Metro Nashville BZA, Tenn. App. June 2013 (variance upheld)

Durrett Investment Company v City of Clarksville, Tenn. App. February 2013 (potential takings)

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