Saturday, December 8, 2018

Historic Landmark for the Strand Book Store in NYC?

In an interesting New York Times article today, the owner of the Strand bookstore in NYC vigorously opposed having the city historic commission landmark the the building in which the bookstore operates. Arguing that land marking the building would increase her overall costs in what is a cutthroat business within margins, she asked the city commission to just leave her alone. She pointed out that New York City just granted $3 billion worth of subsidies to her arch rival, Amazon, and that instead of getting help from the city financially, they threaten now to make her operations even more difficult by land marking the building. It's quite a fun little article, and well worth reading. Whether her evaluation of the impact of the landmark status is accurate, the juxtaposition of the subsidies being paid by the city to Amazon vs. keeping one of the few independent bookstores still operational in the city is quite entertaining.