Friday, July 23, 2010

6th Circuit invalidates PUD changes

In an interesting new decision, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has invalidated a change in PUD regulations under Ohio law which were implemented without notice to the property owner. The lack of notice, a violation of procedural due process, prompted the court to invalidate the new regulations. Stores Wedgewood Ltd. Partnership I v. Township of Liberty, 2010 WL 2583410 (6th Cir. (Ohio) 6/28/2010)

The key to the case however, is not so much federal law as state law. "In Ohio, it is well-established that a landowner’s right to an existing zoning classification vests upon his submission of an application for a building or zoning certificate." In most states, including Tennessee, no rights vest until a permit issues and substantial construction has been completed. Thus, in a similar case in Tennessee, the local government would have time to change the zoning before substantial construction was completed, and there would be no rights vested.

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