Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tattoos in Memphis

Periodically it is interesting to survey the state see what interesting zoning issues are cropping up here and there. Over the last several months, there’s been an interesting battle in Memphis concerning a tattoo shop. Evidently the owner leased the premises in the recently renovated Broad Avenue Arts District without making sure that zoning was appropriate for operating a tattoo parlor, and after the lease was signed, discovered that in fact the zoning did not permit that land use.

He appealed to the Board of Adjustment in Memphis for a variance, but as we have discussed on this blog several times, variances in Tennessee are very difficult to obtain, and his application was denied.

He is evidently now attempting to rezone the property so as to be able to operate the tattoo parlor. The zoning change is a much more political decision, so it will be interesting to see if he is successful in obtaining the change. It appears that many of his neighbors are opposed.

Here’s a local article about the controversy.

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