Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tennessee APA 2012 Fall Conference

The Tennessee APA 2012 fall conference will be held in Memphis this year. I will be there for a panel discussion on the first day, Wednesday, October 17, and will also present a short topic,What Planners Don't No About Land Use Law. Setting aside the obvious answer, not much, I thought I'd take several issues which are problematic for all of us, for example mandatory dedications under the Supreme Court decisions in Nollan and Dolan; owner's intent under the Tennessee Non-Conforming Property Act; the Tennessee Religious Freedom Restoration Act; and finally a practical discussion concerning the common law writ of certiorari, which I'm sure not many planners have an understanding about. It is nevertheless, a good idea to have a basic concept of what that review process is all about, that is how the case gets in the court, and how the planning or code staff can maximize the possibility that the decision of the planning commission/zoning board will be upheld on appeal.

In any event, it should be an interesting conference. Unfortunately, I can't stay long, having to be back in Nashville on Thursday. But there are a number of interesting topics which I wish I could attend.

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