Thursday, December 17, 2015

Don't Paint Your House Lime When Asking for a Zoning Change

A recent zoning change application in Chattanooga illustrates how not to go about trying to get a zoning change adopted in Tennessee. A Chattanooga physician, asking to change the zoning on some property he owned from residential to commercial, became upset with his neighbor's opposition to the proposal. So, instead of waiting until after the zoning issue was decided, he immediately painted his house "a hint of lime" which as you might imagine had the effect of making the neighbors opposition even stronger.

Since the position made the color change prior to the vote before the Chattanooga city Council, the Council interpreted his actions as meaning that he was not very concerned about the overall welfare of the local neighborhood and proceeded to vote down the proposed zoning change. This is just not a very smart way to go about asking for a zoning change anywhere. Working with the neighborhood, and trying to find a solution that will work for everyone is almost always better. Take a look at the news article from the Chattanooga paper.

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