Tuesday, August 4, 2020

NBI: List of Recent Cases

List of Recent Cases

National Business Institute Seminar:
Land Use and Zoning: Working with Local Governments

Nashville, Tennessee
August 5, 2020

Hirt v Metro Nashville, 542 S.W. 3d 524 (Tenn. App. 2016) (Hirt I); 2020 WL 1983766 (Hirt II) (petition not verified/res judicata)

Keith v Maury County BZA, 2019 WL 3946171 (Tenn. App. 2019) (petition not verified)

Cobble v Greene County, 2019 WL 3450930 (Tenn. App. 2019); see also McClurkan v Metro BZA, 565 SW 2d 495 (Tenn. App. 1977) (leading variance cases in Tennessee)

Precision Homes v Metro Nashville, 2019 WL 2395946 (Tenn. App. 2019) (stormwater management variance)

Owen Trust v Germantown, 2019 WL 2233886 (Tenn. App. 2019) (appeal from Planning Commission decision regarding zoning change)

Venture Holdings v Metro BZA, 585 S.W. 3d 409 (Tenn. App. 2019) (conditional use permit denied and upheld on appeal)

Ward v Metro Nashville, 2019 WL 1753053 (Tenn. App. 2019) (Tennessee Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Tenn. Code Ann. § 4-1-407)

Home Builders v Metro Nashville, 2019 WL 369271 (Tenn. App. 2019) (affordable housing)

Roland Digital Media v City of Livingston, 2019 WL 117582 (Tenn. App. 2019) (petition deficient for failure to name board as party)

Dunlap v Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility, 595 S.W. 3d 593 (Tenn. 2020) (ethically challenged behavior in context of land use case)

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